Photos 2019

Red Sea 2019

Red Sea (spring)

Relaxed 10 days with my diving buddies

Photos 2018

Indonesia 2018

Indoensia (winter)

Four wonderful diving weeks in Indoensia

Mexico 2018

Mexico (spring)

Three wonderful weeks in chilled Mexico - with Luca

Photos 2017

Red Sea 2017

Red Sea (spring)

Amazing 10 days with my diving buddies

France 2017

Sur Saone (summer)

A relexaed week on a housboat with friends

Indonesia 2017

Indoensia (December)

Five wonderful weeks in Alor, Kommodo and Bali

Photos 2016

Red Sea 2016

Red Sea (spring)

Amazing 10 days with my diving buddies

Bali 2016

Bali (December)

Wonderful 4 weeks in Indonesia and around

Photos 2015

Red Sea 2015

Red Sea (spring)

Spent a wonderful week with my diving buddies

Kenya 2015

Kenya (December)

Had a great time in Kenya - with Andrea

Seychelles 2015

Seychelles (X-mas)

Island hopping and a week on a liveaboard

Photos 2014

Rome 2014

Rome (spring)

I've never seen that many tourists at one place

Oman 2014

Oman (spring)

At least the guests where great! Don't ask about anything else.. :/

London 2014

London (autumn)

Visiting an NFL season Game in London - with Juliet & Adrian

Thailand 2014

Thailand (winter)

Got accompanied by Marina - do you think she ever gave me the car keys?

Photos 2013

Vietnam 2013

Vietnam (winter)

Following the beaten path - all way from Saigon to Hanoi by train

Australia 2013

Australia (winter)

Back to school - back to english school - and still no improvments ;)

Malaysia 2013

Malaysia (spring)

I missed Malacca the first time - so I got it that time! ;)

China 2013

China (spring)

Relatives organised everything, we didn't had a single break ;)

Photos 2012

Cuba 2012

Cuba (spring)

Wonderful country - nice sights and even more important Cigars directly from the source ;)

Thailand 2012

Thailand (winter)

Started and finished my long trip here!

Cambodia 2012

Cambodia (winter)

I loved it - nice people, nice sights and plenty of beer! :)

Photos 2011

Red Sea 2011

Red Sea (spring)

Another week on a liveaboard

Ticino 2011

Ticino (summer)

A weekend with the "Aare-Clique" :-)

Thailand 2011

Thailand (autumn)

Few weeks by friends

Photos 2010

Red Sea 2010

Red Sea (spring)

Another wonderful week on a liveaboard - with Luca

Sulawesi 2010

Sulawesi (autumn)

Critters and more - Lodge & Liverboard

Photos 2009

Red Sea 2009

Red Sea (spring)

Another wonderful week on a liveaboard

Berlin 2009

Berlin (summer)

Went to the U2 concert - accompanied by Sonja, Andr? and Martin

London 2009

London (autumn)

Went to an NFL game with Adrian

Burma 2009

Myanmar (autumn)

Liverboard diving in Burma

Photos 2008

Red Sea 2008

Red Sea (spring)

Another wonderful week on a liveaboard

South Africa 2008

South Africa & Mocambique (autumn)

Fukin' great time! Diving with Sharks and the next day watching Lions - with Luca

Photos 2007

Thailand 2007

Thailand (autumn)

Visiting friends on Koh Phangan - Virginie took the pictures

Photos 2006

Panama 2006

Panama (spring)

Spent wonderful time in Panama and Costa Rica - accidently met Luca ;)

Red Sea 2006

Red Sea (autumn)

A week on a liveaboard - with Luca

Wien 2006

Wien (winter)

Met my old friend Zuzu in Vienna

Photos 2005

Red Sea 2005

Red Sea (spring)

A perfect week on a liveaboard!

Berlin 2005

Berlin (summer)

'Went to the U2 concert - accompanied by Sonja, Andr? and Martin

London 2005

London (autumn)

Get together with friends we met in Costa Rica - with Luca and many more :-)

Maldives 2005

Maldives (autumn)

Two weeks liveaboard - with very gentle German's ;)

Photos 2004

Costa Rica 2004

Costa Rica (winter)

Seven great weeks in Costa Rica - with Luca, Stefan and Patrick

Photos 2002

Australia 2002

Australia (winter, i mean summer in downunder ;)

Back to school - and a side trip to Perth, visiting Fritz - Met Luca in Sydney and in Perth :)

Asia 2002

Jakarta, Malaysia & Thailand (spring)

Traveling and a short side trip to Jakarta - Visiting Andrea. Of corse I also met Luca :)